Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shop License

  Shop License                                                    

1. Collect Information :

  • Name of Shop [ Ex.: ABC Stationary Mart etc. ]
  • Name of Employer/owner of Shop [ Ex.: Mr. ABC etc.]
  • Type of Business [ Ex. Stationary, Tea & Coffee Shop, Pan etc. ]
  • Address of Shop [ Add. where shop located ] *
  • Address of Employer/Owner of Shop [ residential Add.] *
  • Municipal Serve No.[ if note available than Municipal house no. may written ]
  • Other information as per Act  
* for Communication

2. Documents and Other requirement :

  • Proof of Employer/ owner [ Ex.: Aadhar ID, PAN card, Driving license, other Address or photo id proof etc. ]
  • Proof of ownership of property [ Electricity Bill, Property Tax, Municipal Tax, Rent  agreement in case of different owner etc. ]  
  • Two recent passport size photograph of Employer/owner of shop.
  • Stamp of Shop
  • Photos of shop [ optional ]
  •  Application Form [ as per relented Act. ]
            Ex.: As per The Bombay Shop & Establishment Act. 1948 - also Applicable to Gujarat
                  this also called Shopex License For
                  Weekly holiday Registration form
                  FORM “A“ [ Application under Section 7(1) ,See Rule 5 ]
                  FORM “B“ [ Application under Section 7(2-A), See Rule 5]
                                               form generally available at stationary or you may Download hare 

3. Process 

  1. Filed up all information in Application form as per Act. 
  2. attached photos if asked
  3. sign of Employer/owner with stamp
  4. Attached Document which required [ if Rent Agreement  than Attached Copy of Such ] 
  5. Submit To Shop License Depp. of Municipal Corporation of relented City  
  6. after verified Document officer may visit at place of shop

More For You Download it 

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